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Apr 7, 2018

Meet the Dentist Behind the Kardashian’s Smile

Everyone wants a smile like a celebrity. One of the first things that we notice when we look at a picture on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is the...
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Mar 15, 2018

Tongue Piercing Risks: What You Should Know

Body piercings are a popular form of self-expression. People get piercing on numerous parts of their bodies. A piercing which has gained popularity in recent decades are ...
Mar 2, 2018

The Difference Between a Sinus Infection and a Toothach...

The winter season is a time when a lot of people get sick with head colds and flu. Nearly everyone will get a cold at some point over...
Feb 22, 2018

Teeth Whitening: Can You Whiten Crowns?

Teeth whitening has become a very popular cosmetic procedure in recent years. Perhaps people are becoming more aware of procedures that dentists can carry out on your tee...
Jan 15, 2018

Over Brushing: Too Much of a Good Habit

We all know that brushing our teeth is one of the most important things that we can do for our oral health. It removes plaque and other bacteria,...
Jan 13, 2018

What You Should Know About Abrasive Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is possibly one of the most important aspects of maintaining good oral health. It is something that we all have to do, and we learn...