Feb 27, 2018

Eruption Hematoma: What Parents Should Know

Eruption hematoma, also known as eruption cysts, is a common condition which generally afflicts children who are teething or as they are moving from baby teeth to adult teeth. While they are mostly nothing to be too concerned about, eruption hematoma can cause irritation and pain to a child. Being a parent is tough enough without having to care for a child who is suffering from such a condition. Here is everything you need to know about eruption hematoma.


How Can You Spot Eruption Hematoma?

If your child has an eruption cyst, you may notice a blue or black bump on their gum line. The reason that this bump is such a colour is that blood can become trapped within the cyst itself, causing discolouration. The cyst will be soft and easy to compress and usually takes an oval shape. While the child might not notice that they are suffering from eruption hematoma, there is a chance that it could bleed or become infected leading to pain. The cyst can also be unsightly in the child’s mouth.


What Causes Eruption Hematoma?

Cysts are linked to the eruption of teeth through the gums of a child’s mouth. However, the exact reason why some children suffer from this condition while others don’t is not yet known. We do know that the when the tooth begins to push against the gum, a soft pocket of fluid builds up in the tissue. Some experts have theorised that it could be caused by cavities in baby teeth, or from trauma to the gum. It may also be due to teeth become crowded, not allowing for new teeth to emerge.


How is it Treated?

Eruption hematoma is treated in a number of different ways, often depending on the condition of the child. If the eruption cyst is not causing any pain, and it isn’t causing an aesthetic problem, then the dentist might suggest leaving it alone. If the cyst is painful or it bursts, then the dentist can treat it. They will normally carry out an un-invasive drainage treatment to remove the fluid from the  eruption cyst. In a small number of cases, the drainage treatment might not be effective. This could be an indication that there is a more serious underlying problem. Such a condition might result in your child’s tooth needing to be removed.

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Is Eruption Hematoma Common?

Due to the fact that the condition can be painless and hidden in a child’s mouth, it is likely that it is underreported to dentists. Therefore, it is hard to say how common the condition is among children who are getting their baby or adult teeth. A study has indicated that the most common age for a child to suffer from this condition is 4.44 years of age.

If you notice a blue or black bump on your child’s gum, then you should book an appointment to see your dentist. They will be able to determine whether it is a harmless cyst or a more serious problem.

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